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20 Jun

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Protected: Vote On These Blog Name Ideas! (Pssst…Same Password)

18 Jun

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Password For New Blog Name Post

17 Jun

If you want to check out my latest password-protected post, e-mail me for the password!

carrieonthecheap [at] gmail [dot] com


Protected: New Blog Name Contest

17 Jun

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A New Blog?

14 Jun

As I mentioned several times before, I want to move this blog to a self-hosted site this year.  I’ve been blogging on wordpress for well over a year now and I don’t see myself quitting the blogosphere anytime soon.

However, I’ve been debating over names & blog focuses for months.

First… I like writing about personal finance, but I’d love to drop my anonymity at some point while continuing to write about finances.  Translation:  no more personal information about net worth, salary, spending, etc.

Second… I don’t want to back myself into a one topic corner on my blog.  So, in addition to finances, I’d like to just write about life and general self improvement, etc.  I love working to better myself.  I’ve always got some sort of goal that I’m working towards.  So, I’d like to write a blog both about finances and livin’ a better life in general.

Third… I was planning to branch out into two different blogs:  one about finances/personal improvement and one about healthy living/exercise.  But…is there any way I could combine the two?  A sort of health meets finances meets personal betterment blog?  I read a lot of health & fitness blogs (like this one, this one, and this one), and I’m not sure I’m cut out for all the work it entails.  And what in the world would I call such a blog?  I am AWFUL at naming blogs (see current blog name, heh).

Fourth…  This blog is NOT about buying things “on the cheap” anymore.  It started that way, but my blog is now mostly about the ins and outs of personal finance.  I don’t blog about how to make a roll of toilet paper last a day longer or how to use 5 coupons for one item (although, I would be pretty stoked if I actually could do either of those things).  Basically this means that I can’t and don’t want to use my current blog name.

So, these are my current conundrums.  I’m debating over all of the above almost daily.  I want to move forward with a new blogging path, but I’m just not sure which path I want to take just yet.

I’d love to hear all your advice, preferences, and ideas for names in the comments!


Sidebar: I got Consumeristed today!  And wow, did the readers let me have it.  Apparently, I am not allowed to accuse McDonald’s of making me sick on MY blog since I never got proof from my doctor that their breakfast is what caused my sickness…

I thought a lot about what everyone had to say in the comments on the Consumerist and on my blog (which by the way, started to get a little mean, so I turned off commenting).  At first, I was pissed at how rude people were acting.  However, maybe they were a bit right (just mean about it)? 

I was quick to blame McDonald’s when I got sick, but I really have no proof that their food is why I was sick.  I still feel very, very certain that their food caused me to get sick (NO one else I’ve come into contact with has gotten sick and Lloyd and I ate the same things over the weekend), I can’t blame McDonald’s because I have no proof.  So, just as every person is innocent until proven guilty, technically so is McDonald’s in the case of the vicious stomach sickness that I endured last week.

But fo real, peeps on the internet are VICIOUS.  Unnecessary.  Seriously.

The Plutus Awards: The Best In Personal Finance

21 Dec

Nominations for The Plutus Awards are now being accepted!

Head on over to the website to nominate your favorite personal finance software, bank, or discount brokerage company.  Even more importantly: you can nominate your favorite personal finance blogs (like your favorite NEW personal finance blog, wink wink 😉 ).

I already put my nominations in for my FAVORITE blogs (so many to choose from!).  Nominations are being taken through January.

You don’t have to vote in every category – in fact, you can vote for one blog/finance item in any number of categories you like!

Have fun!  Merry Christmas!

Add Me On Facebook!

19 Dec

First it was twitter, now I’m joining the facebook cult.

So…add me as a friend!  Write messages on my wall!  I can’t wait to “meet” all my lovely readers!

Carrie Oncheap

If You Can’t Get Enough Of Me Here…

16 Dec

…go check out my post on “Tough Love Debt Reduction” at Money Under 30!

Surprise!  I’m a new contributing blogger at Money Under 30!

I am so excited that David has given me such a great opportunity to write for his website!

I’ll be writing one post per week for now, so make sure to add Money Under 30 your feeder reader or list of blogs that you read!

Hope you enjoy my post!

(Can you tell I’m excited?!  I ended every sentence in this post with an exclamation point! Ha ha)

Top 100 Female Personal Finance Bloggers

19 Oct

Fellow blogger – Her Every Cent Counts – recently posted a list of the Top 100 Female Personal Finance Bloggers!  I feel so honored to have made the list since I still feel like such a newbie.  Plus, I’m in such good company with the other outstanding bloggers on the list!

Check out the list here – your sure to find tons of new blogs to read!

Link Love: The Blog Envy Edition

18 Sep

I have made several new “friends” over the past couple months and I’ve been meaning to update my blogroll.  I say this is the blog envy edition, because when I stumbled upon a couple of these blogs, I had my first experience with “Blog Envy”.  I’m sure some of you bloggers have experienced this before, too! 😉

Please do me a favor and go check out these fabulous blogs this Friday!

If I missed you, I am really sorry!  I tried to get everyone that I’ve connected with over the last couple weeks!  If you don’t see yourself in this list, be sure and check my Blogroll – you might already be in there!  I am going to work on putting up a link exchange page, so look for that in the future!

These are bloggers that have reached out to me via twitter, commenting, or e-mail which I really appreciate!  I love getting to know all the other bloggers out there! So if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile and haven’t connected with me, drop me a line on twitter or e-mail me at carrieonthecheap [at] gmail [dot] com!

Have a great weekend!