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Sigh….I have no life.

31 Mar

Just wanted to let everyone know that I might be MIA for awhile.

I’ve been taken advantage of by…the CPA exam.  She is a crafty little thing, that CPA exam.

My brain cells are 100% devoted to her for the time being.  If I happen to have a high mental capacity one day, I promise to update with a post.

Until then, wish me luck with derivatives, ratios, financial management, supply and demand curves, and corporate taxation.  I know, I’m bored, too. 😦

Eye Creams! (On The Cheap?)

23 Mar

I NEED an eye cream!!!!!!  Help!

I just bought these Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules last weekend:elizabeth-arden-ceramide-capsules7

Although I think they’re doing a nice job of moisturizing my eyes, I don’t think they’re much more than something like olive oil in a pretty little capsule.

I’m starting to see SOME (like two, okay?) fine lines under my eyes and in the corners. EEKK!!  I honestly thought this day would never come!

My eyes are also SO sensitive.  Scratch that, ALL of my skin is sensitive.  So I have to get a good product for sure.

And I want sunscreen!

I’ve been eyeing some products, but they’re so damn expensive.

Murad essential-c-eye-cream-spf-15_1


Muard Essential C SPF 15 Eye Cream ($67!)



Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital Eye SPF 28 Sunscreen ($36)



Murad Moisture Silk Eye Gel (a mere $49.50)

Auurgghhhh – I can’t decide! I’m leaning towards the Lancome since it has a lot of sun protection and it’s the cheapest.  However, I’ve never used Lancome before and not sure if I would like them!

Anyone know of any miracle eye creams on the cheap?

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!

23 Mar



Lucky Magazine Is Apparently Not On The Same Budget As Me

12 Mar

lucky-fashion-magazineSometimes the media is so out of touch with reality…

Case in point: this month’s issue of Lucky Magazine.

Does it ever annoy anyone (other than me) when the fashion mags have features about “deal hunting” and the items they list are not even in the same price range that I would consider budget-friendly?

For instance, this month, Lucky is trying to find “preppy, budget-friendly separates that are perfect for a waterfront weekend.”  (Before I get to their budget-friendly separates, let me reiterate the fact that the only separates I consider perfect for a waterfront weekend are a two-piece and a cold drink.)

Here’s just a little sampling of items they think are “budget-friendly”:

  • cotton henley: $40
    • That’s fine and all, but for those who don’t know, a henley is basically a polo without the collar.  And I saw perfectly acceptable henley’s at Old Navy for $10 about a week ago.  Next. Continue reading

Happy Hour At Granfalloon Did Not Win Me Over

11 Mar

Granfallon Bar and Grill Kansas City Country Club Plaza I had yet another work happy hour at the Country Club Plaza last night.  I think I’ve mentioned the Plaza (pronounced “Plahhh-zahh”) in some earlier posts.  It’s a more prestigious area in Kansas City, yet somehow boasts the cheapest happy hours of all.  Tomfooleries happy hour is one of my favs.

Last night, we picked the popular Granfalloon Bar & Grill for the get together (AKA get tipsy and loudly nickname the oddballs in our office.  “Birdwoman” and “Jersey” were a product of last night’s session.).

For starters, our waitress was horrible.  She did not smile once.  Now, I’ve never been a waitress, but I’m pretty sure smiling or acting somewhat friendly are in the job description.

Secondly, the food “special” was a select few of the appetizers for $5.00.  Yes, you read that right.  Note to Granfallon:  That’s a horrible special.

It wasn’t even the full appetizer menu.  The first two appetizers I tried to order weren’t even on the “special”.  I finally decided on “Gator Tators” which is code name for potatoes with their insides scooped out and replaced with melted cheese.  Served with a side of Sour Cream. Continue reading