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Future Mrs. Lloyd

31 May

Lloyd and I got engaged on Saturday night!  Post with all the deets to follow!


A Little Less Studying, A Little More Fun

28 May

Let’s recap the test day events, shall we?

  • Successfully took the epically brutal Financial CPA test on Wednesday.
  • The test is 4 hours long.  I left with 1 minute and 45 seconds to spare.
  • The first 3 sections of the test are 30 multiple choice questions each.  Rumor has it that the first section is always medium difficulty.  If you do well, your next section will bump to hard difficulty.  If you do bad, it will just stay with medium difficulty.  This is how my multiple choice sections went:  medium>>hard>>medium  So, I did good on the first section, got owned on the second section, and did okay on the third section.  When I saw the questions go back to medium on the third section, I felt like an idiot.  I almost felt like the test was mocking me.  Whatevs, CPA exam.  (For the record, on my last exam, I was so outrageously prepared, that my sections went medium>>hard>>HARDEST.  And I killed it.  Which is why I was awarded with a 90.  Booyah.)
  • The last two sections are simulations which are comprised of about 6-8 mini-sections of calculations (think completing a trial balance, foreign currency translations, journal entries, statements of stockholders’ equity calculations, etc.), 2 written memos to clients, and 2 research questions.  I hate to put it this way, but the last two sections basically mind-rape you.  I literally buried my head in my hands during the last 30 minutes and wanted to cry.  The fact that my neighboring test-taker was stinking up the room didn’t help matters much.
  • I am 100% certain that I did not do as well on this test as I did on the last three tests.  But I worked my butt off for 4 hours straight, so I’m happy with myself.
  • If I pass, it will be a barely passing score.  That’s okay. I just want a 75 and to move on with my life.  I do NOT want to re-live those 240 minutes of torture ever again.

What’s next? 

  • Letting my brain decompress by enjoying a little mindless entertainment in the form of these two things:

lauren-conrad-sweet-little-lies sex-and-the-city-2-movie-poster

source                         source

  • Operation get my booty back in shape.  I’m hovering around the 140 pound mark right now.  Not cool.  I like to hover around the 133 pound mark.  That’s my goal for mid-July when our beach vacay rolls around.  Have I not blogged about that?  Shame on me.  I’ll post about our beach vacay very soon.
  • Fun, fun, fun.  I’ve requested from Lloyd that we do nothing but have fun (and work out) over the three days.  Saturday, Sunday, Monday will be nothing but fun.  Tomorrow Lloyd is taking me out (what a guy), on Sunday we are having a birthday bash/BBQ for Lloyd’s 31st birthday, and Monday we might go to the pool!  Woohoo!!!!!
  • Operation organize my life.  My apartment has become a warzone during the final throes of my studying escapade.  I did a ton of work on it yesterday.  It’s slowly but surely starting to look normal again.  I am a bit of a neat freak and am not okay with living in clutter for very long.  Watch your back, messiness!  I’m coming after you!
  • Blog more.  ‘Nuff said.
  • Bask in the glory of not having a dark CPA cloud hanging over my head at all times.  Yesterday (the first day of no studying in over a year) was literally one of the best. days. EVER!!!!!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Back-Up Plan: If Today Is An Epic Fail

26 May

In about 3 hours, I’ll be heading across state lines to take the test.  I know, I know.  How could I possible have anymore to say concerning this dreaded test?  Well, I do.

There’s a strong possibility that I could fail this test today.  This test is a beast.  The three tests prior to this test aren’t even on the same level as this test.

So, I’ve got a back-up plan.

I’ll take the test today.  I’ll put my blood, sweat, and tears into the questions for four straight hours.  (Only breaking to inhale a Clif bar and maybe have a mild panic attack.)

After that, I’ll return to my normal life that I enjoyed pre-CPA exam which consisted of:

  • working out 6 days/week (oh, how I miss this schedule)
  • eating/cooking healthy meals most nights
  • living in an organized/clean apartment
  • having a social life
  • generally enjoying the good life

However, I’ll still keep my CPA books close at hand.  I’ll brush up on materials once a week or so until I get my score in late June (June 22-June 28ish).

IF I receive a failing score in late June, I’ll pick up where I left off and study for 2 weeks.  I’ll still be fresh, so at that point, I’ll just be nailing all the information down, organizing it in my brain, and clearing the dust away.  This is how I should feel today, but that’s neither here nor there.

So, if I fail, I’ll pay the $300 to re-take the damn test for the second time, at which point I will pass.  This is not a question of IF I can pass this silly test, it’s merely a question of WHEN I’ll be prepared enough to pass.  If that time is not today, then it will be in the first couple days of July.  No biggie.

Of course, best cased scenario would be that I just pass the dang test today and be done with it.  But the back-up plan isn’t so bad either.

In Need Of A Miracle

25 May

Test is tomorrow.  Using today to do the following.  Sorry for the to-do list.  I’m usually not one for these kinds of posts:

  • Bond Payable/Amortization
  • Present Value of Leases
  • Pension Accounting
  • Government Accounting
  • Not For Profit Accounting
  • Basic Financials
  • Derivative Basics
  • Foreign Currency Translation
  • Partnership Accounting
  • Stockholders’ Equity
  • Pray
  • Pray
  • Pray

Yeah, those are the things I’m weak in.  What am I strong in right now?  Hmmm… investments, business combinations, financial statements….  Yeah, that’s about it.

I have recited the Lord’s Prayer so many times that I think He is starting to get sick of me. 😉

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

Ridiculously Pink

22 May

Come check out my new ridiculously pink blog.  I’m in love with it, so I think it’s staying. 😉

I tried to down grade the pink to a deep magenta to be easier on the eyes.


Get ’em while they’re hot:  my personal financial information on this blog is going to be slowly but surely taken down over the next few months.  I’ve already removed my sidebars.  Make sure to memorize my net worth before  I make it private as well.

It’s be a fun ride, sharing all my deep dark personal finance stats with you all.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride.  I’ll still be here, just less exposed. 😉

The Key To Fruitful Study Sessions…

17 May

….is to change the scenery.

I just re-positioned the recliner in my bedroom (yeah, there’s a recliner in my bedroom) to have it awkwardly facing my open window.  My feet are propped up on the sill, the breeze is cooling my cheeks, and I’m hammering out government accounting rules like they’re the most interesting thing since, well, the most interesting man in the world.

Other changes of scenery I’ve been trying out lately:

  • sitting on floor between coffee table/couch
  • sitting on couch pillow on floor between coffee table/couch
  • laying on stomach on floor in living room
  • laying on stomach on bed facing the aforementioned window (and being momentarily distracted by the little girl on the balcony directly across from me pointing to a puppy walking by and repeatedly shouting “poopy! poopy!”)
  • library study rooms
  • sitting on table in library study rooms (totally works)
  • glaring at noisy kids from library study rooms through the little glass window in the door
  • deck chairs (until nasty pigeons took over and left “poopy” everywhere)
  • in my car driving to work….whoopsies.  (only at red lights, promise)
  • conference rooms at work are excellent for hi-jacking over lunch and on breaks and after work

Is anyone still awake out theretheretherethere?

(Funny how my writing is flowing like an oil spill after giving up twitter and really focusing on my studies.  Perhaps studying hardcore really gets those creative juices flowing?)

Kindness Is Free, Ya’ll

17 May

If there is one thing I’ve learned in my year+ of being a blogger, it is that kindness, appreciativeness, and humility all go a long way.  Funny how those things also make us successful and happy in real life, too?

I etched my first little mark into this huge internet universe way back at the age of 12 in, what, 1995?  Wow.  The web address was and my 7th grade bestie and I thought it was the coolest invention on Earth to date (and I’m pretty sure it actually was).

Since then, I’ve gone from mindless surfer, to internet junkie, to blog lurker, to blogGER.  I have no idea what the heck I’m doing half the time.  But I do know one thing: interactions with others in the online world are scarily similar to the interactions with others in the offline world.  There is gossip and immaturity, cliques and mean-spiritedness.  On the bright side, there are also opportunities and mentors, generosity and friendship.

In the offline world, I’m a happy person.  Few things get me down.  I lead a very blessed life with amazing friends, family, and dogs (booyah for sweet, lovable canines).  I choose to live a life of happiness because it trumps the other option like…A LOT.  Who wants to be Debbie Downer all the time?  That sounds lame.

If there is one weakness out there that tries to hook me and drag me down, it would be gossip.  Gah, gossip gets me every time!  I always try to rationalize that chattering about how so-and-so wore purple stretch pants with a SCRUNCHIE to the office one day isn’t technically mean, it’s just stating a fact – am I right?

But my conscious always gets the better of me and I feel guilty every. single. time. I. gossip.  Annoying how that works, huh?

I’ve fallen victim to a bit of gossiping in the blogosphere, but I’ve tried to keep it under wraps instead of shouting it out on twitter (like that’s better, right?).  But fo rill, even miniscule gossip breeds negativity, so shame on me for gossiping at all.

My point here is:  kindness is free, ya’ll.

Everyone is always looking for the freebies nowadays, and dishing out a little kindness, thankfulness, and/or generosity is about as good as free gets.  I’ve received more kindness and support than I think I deserve in the form of fantastic comments from my awesome readers.  Every time I get an e-mail letting me know that one of you fabulous peeps left me a comment, it sends my little heart a flutter.  You guys  make me so happy.

So, take it for what it’s worth, but a little kindness goes a long way. 😉


Check, check, check it out:  My interview over at Me In Millions.

Update:  Some of you are wondering what the haps are and where this post came from.  This post was inspired by some shenanigans going on in my real life.  Said shenanigans have made me realize just how important unconditional love is.  Peeps are just peeps, they aren’t perfect…..even if they wear purple stretch pants with scrunchies.  😉

The Hardest Part Is Getting Your Shoes On

16 May

I once heard someone say that the hardest part of staying fit is just getting your shoes on.

Once you get your shoes on, there’s no doubt that you’ll get your work-out on and your day, week, month, and year will be infinitely better because of that one move.

How true is that?  And don’t you think this is applicable to all areas of our life?

Oftentimes, I dread sitting down to study.  I’ll walk by my work station set up haphazardly on the dining room table and think of a million other things I could do to put off studying.  But, once I sit down, I’m in a study zone and I usually make a lot of progress.  The hardest part is just opening up my study materials.

Same goes for paying off debt.  Once you sit down and write up a budget, you’re well on your way.

For years, I was a casual, uncaring churchgoer.  Only going to church when I felt like it, not really committing myself to my parish.  But, last fall, I made an effort to join an adult education class that changed my life.  The teacher of the class happened to be speaking at the Mass that Lloyd and I were attending one Saturday evening.  His presence struck me so much that I signed up for his weekly classes that night.  Lloyd and I have been attending his weekly classes since last September.  We have made some amazing, lifelong friends.  Our teacher has not only become one our good friends, but I can honestly say that he has changed my life forever.  He is an amazing person and I feel so blessed to just share in some of his time every week.  If I had not just laced up my shoes and signed up for his class that night last fall, I would never have had the life-changing experiences that I’ve had since I’ve met him.

Think about what that phrase means for your life.  Whether it’s sitting down to study, signing up for a class, starting a work-out program, or even just being a better person for your friends and family – just do it.  Just lace up your shoes; after all, that’s the hardest part.

Snap Out Of It, Woman!

13 May

Here’s the dealio:  my next (and last, whoop whoop) CPA exam is in just under 2 weeks.

I’m totally not ready for it and that makes me LOL.

You see, I’ve been studying for the exams since March 16, 2009.   Yeah, I remember the day.  Wouldn’t you remember the day you got locked up without committing a crime?

After almost 15 months of studying, my eyes have started to glaze over with every multiple choice question I skim through and I insanely giggle at every mnemonic that Peter Olinto lovingly tells me to remember.  (Peter is my hot, Italian instructor that I spend most mornings with.  He may be coming at me from a pre-taped compact disc, but he delivers a Generally Accepted Accounting Principal like nobody’s business.)

So, yep.  I’m totally half-assing my studying right now.  Wait, scratch that.  I’m giving it everything I’ve got, but after over a year of this bullshiz accounting mumbo jumbo, I ain’t got much left.

But I’m not complaining.  I got myself into this mess.  Sometimes when I’m feeling really low about the whole situation, I’ll try to blame it all on Lloyd.  I’ll say he forced me into it against my will.  Then, he’ll grab me by my shoulders, give me a couple good shakes, and tell me to “snap out of it, woman, you’re almost done”.  (He really doesn’t do that, it just sounded good.  In truth, he tells me every day how proud of me he is and how I’m thisclose to being done and getting my life back.  He’s awesome.)

But seriously, I’m not complaining.  This is my deal.  I’ve gotta get this done.  I’ve gotta sprint to the finish line.  I’ve gotta grab this damned CPA exam by the horns and ride it into the sunset.  I’ve gotta analyze each word and each number in each ridiculous multiple choice question and answer A, B, C, or D with reckless abandon.  I’ve gotta show this beyotch who’s boss!!  And that’s me!

So, that’s what I’ll do. Take this CPA exam and own it.  Just like I did with its brothers and sisters.

See you guys on the flip side (in about 2 weeks).