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Netbooks, Underarm Hair, and Office Supplies

6 Aug

Recap of what’s been going down in my life since we last spoke:

  • Operation New Blog : Remember how I told you that I was planning on creating some new, grand Website to take over this little blog?  Well, good news folks – Operation New Blog is officially underway!  And hear this: website creating is no joke.  It’s confusing, it’s time-consuming, and it’s hella-addicting.  I’m pretty sure my brain has exploded 2-3 times over the past couple days.  There is good news though:  I love love LOVE the new bloggy and I am SO excited to share it with you!  Hopefully I can get this thing all wrapped up and ready to go in the next month or so.  Good things to come, peeps!
  • Post-Vacation Depression: Going on vacation is like getting a new family pet.  You’re so so SO excited when it first arrives that you can hardly contain yourself.  But when it’s gone … it’s extremely depressing.  Okay, so maybe not as depressing as losing your family pet (that’s way worse, I’ve been there), but it’s still really depressing.  That first day back at work is the worst.  Especially when you realize that at this exact time two days ago, you were splashing around in clear, blue, ocean waves and now you’ve got 500 stressful, over-dramatic work e-mails staring you in the face that you must reply to in a pleasant tone.  It was about that time that I started wondering whether I could make a living as one of those cute cocktail waitresses that peddled drinks at the resort we stayed at in Boca. 
  • Netbook + Me = It’s Happening: I will have a bit of freelance income this year.  Woot!  Now that I’m somewhat self-employed, I need to offset that income with some business expenses.  Since I’m not studying for the CPA over lunch at work anymore, it’s time to start writing.  Exciting life I lead, I know.  Anyways, that’s where the netbook comes in.  So I can write in all sorts of places.
  • Desk + Chair = Also Happening: The desk and chair set that I have at home is embarrassing to say the least.  My friends gave me the desk for free because I needed something to get me through the CPA exam.  It’s pretty clear why they wanted to unload it (read: it’s a piece of sh!t), but it served it’s purpose for the last year or so.  Oh, yeah, and my desk chair?  It’s forest green, rock hard plastic, and came from my parent’s groovy ’70s furniture collection.  Okay, after reading that description, I will admit, it sounds pretty awesome.  But, trust me, it’s definitely not.  In fact, it looks exactly the one below, only disgusting green.  Not exactly easy on the toosh after a couple of minutes, let alone a couple of hours.  Now I’m in the  market for a swiveling, squishy, sophisticated executive chair to go with my new, fancy desk.  Hey, I’m running a business here, okay?
  • Groupon and my underarms:  Do you guys get Groupon?  I totally get Groupon.  Not because I use it or anything, but because, with it, I know I’ll get at least one e-mail everyday.  Plus, it’s just fun reading about the daily deals.  Today is an epic day, because Groupon is offering up an epic deal.  For a mere $125, I can get my underarm hair lasered away in just 6 quick treatments!  YES, PLEASE!  I’ve always wanted to get my legs and underarms lasered.  I absolutely despise shaving (and don’t tell me to try Nair or waxing because I’ve taken detours into both methods and I’m not a fan of either).  So, I think I’m gonna go for it.  If any of you readers have any experience with laser hair removal, let me know!  I’d love to know if it really works before I pull the trigger and give in to Groupon.

That’s about all I have for today.  Have a great weekend!


Where I’m Eating: La Bodega

18 Jun

I give you…the best Spanish food in Kansas City, La Bodega.


 You are looking at probably the most adorable restaurant in Kansas City.  La Bodega is located right in the heart of Kansas City on Southwest Boulevard.

Check out their happy hour menu! 


They are famous for their Spanish tapas (small-plates – like appetizers) and the best time to fill up is during happy hour.  Everything on the menu is half off!  Last time Lloyd and I were there, we had 5 tapas for around $20.

Their food is delectable.  In a melt-in-your-mouth, this-blows-everything-I’ve-ever-made-in-my-life-out-of-the-water kind of way.

My next favorite thing is their Sangria….


 Don’t you love Sangria?  I can’t get enough.  They have a happy hour pitcher – yes pitcher – for $12.50!  Lloyd and I shared a pitcher and we each had about 2 1/2 glasses.  That’s plenty to get this gal feeling pretty tipsy. 😉


Hands down one of my top picks in Kansas City for a delicious, cheap, swanky happy hour.  Visit for more information.


April Top Referrers

4 May

Thanks to the top five blogs that linked to me in April!

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  2. Money Is My BFF
  3. Flirty 30 Something
  4. Allie In The City
  5. Frugal Dreamer

And Now I Can’t Sleep…

23 Apr

OMG I had this whole post typed up and deleted it!  GRR!

Yep, I can’t sleep.  I have never had problems sleeping in my life.  I LOVE sleep.  Sleep loves me.  We go well together.

I’m fairly stressed right now – I’m moving in a couple days and I’ve been studying my arse off.  Not a fun combination!  My test was supposed to be tomorrow, but that ain’t gonna happen.  I had to reschedule it because I am so NOT ready.  Which means I had to incur a $35 reschedule fee (on top of the ($250+ plus that I already spent on the test).  I hate it when I have an un-planned dint in my budget. 😦

On top of studying, who freaking knew moving was so expensive and stressful!  I’ve been spending every night throwing things out, piling things up to return to people, packing things, cleaning things, patching that hole that I kicked in my bathroom wall when Lloyd and I were fighting one time….Whoops!

So, I lay down at night and my mind just starts running.  I worry about studying and packing and work.  THEN, after awhile of doing that, I worry about not falling asleep!  Then, I just DON’T fall asleep!

It’s the most frustrating thing ever!  I want to sleep – but can’t!

I can normally fall asleep with the best of them, but this is driving me crazy.  Luckily, AFTER I finally fall asleep, I can sleep. 😀  But I normally wake up once in the middle of the night (which also isn’t normal).  But still, after laying there for awhile, I’m not getting my full night’s sleep and I wake up drained…it sucks.

What’s the deal?  Am I on overload or what?  I’ve never had this problem before! NOT FUN!

Sigh….I have no life.

31 Mar

Just wanted to let everyone know that I might be MIA for awhile.

I’ve been taken advantage of by…the CPA exam.  She is a crafty little thing, that CPA exam.

My brain cells are 100% devoted to her for the time being.  If I happen to have a high mental capacity one day, I promise to update with a post.

Until then, wish me luck with derivatives, ratios, financial management, supply and demand curves, and corporate taxation.  I know, I’m bored, too. 😦

Eye Creams! (On The Cheap?)

23 Mar

I NEED an eye cream!!!!!!  Help!

I just bought these Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules last weekend:elizabeth-arden-ceramide-capsules7

Although I think they’re doing a nice job of moisturizing my eyes, I don’t think they’re much more than something like olive oil in a pretty little capsule.

I’m starting to see SOME (like two, okay?) fine lines under my eyes and in the corners. EEKK!!  I honestly thought this day would never come!

My eyes are also SO sensitive.  Scratch that, ALL of my skin is sensitive.  So I have to get a good product for sure.

And I want sunscreen!

I’ve been eyeing some products, but they’re so damn expensive.

Murad essential-c-eye-cream-spf-15_1


Muard Essential C SPF 15 Eye Cream ($67!)



Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital Eye SPF 28 Sunscreen ($36)



Murad Moisture Silk Eye Gel (a mere $49.50)

Auurgghhhh – I can’t decide! I’m leaning towards the Lancome since it has a lot of sun protection and it’s the cheapest.  However, I’ve never used Lancome before and not sure if I would like them!

Anyone know of any miracle eye creams on the cheap?