Bucket List

My Personal Finance Bucket List:

  • Pay off my home before I turn 40
  • Open Education Funds for each of my children when they’re born and fully fund their college educations (in cash)
  • Never finance a car again
  • Have $3 million in my 401K when I retire
  • Never pay a cent of credit card interest ever again, or any interest for that matter (except interest on a mortgage)
  • Retire before I turn 60
  • Stay physically healthy to avoid high costs of poor health as I age
  • Never make a loan to a friend or family member; if they are in dire need, give them a gift of money
  • Never take out a loan for anything EVER again with the exception of a mortgage
  • Always have an Emergency Fund of $10,000 per person in my family
  • Max out a Roth IRA every year that you are eligible until you become ineligible

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