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Sunday Reads: My Favorites From The Week

6 Dec

Awesome and/or HI-larious articles from the week:

Sunday Reads: Awesome Money Articles

22 Nov

There are so many fabulous and wise personal finance articles written every week, that I’d like to start sharing my favorites with you!  I’ll do my best to try to make this a weekly post, but I can’t guarantee anything. 😉

I’ve Been Published!

4 May

This is a tad belated, but The Kansas City Star, recently did a little feature on frugal folks and I was one of them!  The lovely Lisa Gutierrez interviewed me a while back and I had a really fun time talking to her about trying to be as frugal as possible!

Check out the story here (my section is on page 2).  Below is the little excerpt about me!


At, a 25-year-old accountant who uses the pen name Carrie Bradshaw – the heroine of “Sex and the City” – blogs about living frugally in Kansas City.

This “frugalista” says:

-Sign up with clothing stores online. Some will e-mail you coupons.

-Use You’ll find restaurants that offer gift certificates at discount. “It’s cut my dining-out expenses more than half,” she told us.

-Rent from the public library. “I just got ‘Entourage,’ the fourth season,” she says.

-Take a part-time job with a perk. She works part-time at a gym and gets a free employee membership. Think clothing stores and those employee discounts.

I was so excited when this came out that I nearly peed my pants!  Lloyd probably thought I was a crazy woman!  But still…my first newspaper interview – how exciting!  I am totally going to frame this and hang it up in the new place!

Lucky Magazine Is Apparently Not On The Same Budget As Me

12 Mar

lucky-fashion-magazineSometimes the media is so out of touch with reality…

Case in point: this month’s issue of Lucky Magazine.

Does it ever annoy anyone (other than me) when the fashion mags have features about “deal hunting” and the items they list are not even in the same price range that I would consider budget-friendly?

For instance, this month, Lucky is trying to find “preppy, budget-friendly separates that are perfect for a waterfront weekend.”  (Before I get to their budget-friendly separates, let me reiterate the fact that the only separates I consider perfect for a waterfront weekend are a two-piece and a cold drink.)

Here’s just a little sampling of items they think are “budget-friendly”:

  • cotton henley: $40
    • That’s fine and all, but for those who don’t know, a henley is basically a polo without the collar.  And I saw perfectly acceptable henley’s at Old Navy for $10 about a week ago.  Next. Continue reading