My Ode To Summer: The Best Money-Saving Tool

14 Jun

Dear Summer,

In my youth, you showed me that catching fireflies in a mason jar could be more fun than any activity I could ever pay for.

My friends and I relished in your long days and late nights and played Red Rover so many times that we forgot about those board games that Mom bought for us.

When I have been down, your sun’s rays have lifted me up.  S.A.D.?  Not with you.

When I was chilly, you warmed me.  When I was hot, you warmed me even more – a little too much, actually.  But I knew that this was just a sign of your relentless quest to keep me happy.

You lit my home with your natural light well into the evening without any increase to my power bill.

When my immune system was weak, you gave me a dose of Vitamin D – on the house.

When my skin was ghostly pale, you helped her glow at no charge.  The Tannery never showed me such hospitality.

When my hair was dull from the winter gloom, you brightened it without my asking.  And I didn’t even have to make awkward conversation with you like I do my real hairstylist.

You did not ask that I cover myself in head-to-toe wool.  No, you only asked that I wear just a quarter of that clothing.  High-priced, thick, warm clothing is not your style.  You prefer the lesser expensive, but more popular, light and airy camisoles, flowing skirts, and cut-off jean shorts.

When I wanted to bike, run, and walk, you provided me the guiding sunlight that I needed – with no more charge than the physical tax on my leg muscles.

When I wanted berries, grapes, and melons, you produced them at a much cheaper price than winter ever did.  Sure, apples are out of season… But, let’s be honest, apples are boring and berries are like blondes – they have more fun.

When my friend bar-be-qued me a well-done-100%-Angus-beef-burger, he did not expect a tip.  For he knew that I would return the favor at some point during your awesome 4-month reign, Summer.

The cost of that pack of hot dogs that I contributed to the BBQ, paled in comparison to my bar tabs during the winter months.

If I had my choice, you would be 12 months long instead of a measly four!

So, this is my ode to you, oh dear summer, the best money-saving tool I ever did know.

Your #1 Fan,


6 Responses to “My Ode To Summer: The Best Money-Saving Tool”

  1. SP June 14, 2009 at 8:39 pm #

    Love it! I was just marveling how months ago 8 pm would seem deep into the night, and now it is 7:40 and the sun is still shining.

  2. myprettypennies June 15, 2009 at 1:47 pm #

    Ahh yes. Summer and I are BFFs. 🙂


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