The Future Of This Blog

12 Jun

I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting over this blog and the blog world in general over the past couple of weeks…

The original purpose of this blog was to provide frugal tips and to gossip about my friend’s finances.  A blog about frugality, how original!

As I soon discovered, I was not the first to come up with this brilliant idea.  I have sifted through hundreds of personal finance blogs over the past four months, most are amazing and some are…not quite so amazing.

The majority of you are inspirational and beautiful writers and I truly love reading each of your daily triumphs and struggles with finances.  Those that can write about these mini-battles with finesse are bloggers after my own heart.  I find myself cheering for you all from this side of the computer screen.

Although I decided to take a completely opposite career path, I’ve always excelled in English and writing.  If you googled my real name, you might even find that I won a few writing awards back in my schooldays (just a few, it’s pretty obvious that I’m no Shakespeare).

Through this blog, I have rekindled my interest in writing.  It has helped me nurture a passion that I’ve always had, but never really discovered.  I’ve always considered exercise to be my escape from reality, but what a beautiful outlet that writing is, too!

At first, I was hesitant, thinking “What if people don’t like the way I write?”.  But, after seeing many hurtful “Anonymous” comments on even the kindest blogs, I realized that you will never make every person happy.

Plus, I have found confidence in my writing style.  Sometimes I can be crass, sometimes I can be thoughtful, but it all makes me happy.  I look at my first post, and, although it is rusty, it still makes me laugh.  I could never delete it for fear that readers might find my premiere excursion into the blog world as less than perfect.  It is rough, it is me, it is wonderful.

With that, I know now the direction that I want to take my blog.  Don’t they always say “Do what you love, love what you do”?  You’ll find that my blog will turn into more of a financial life diary than the frugal tips I had once planned for.  I’ll also scatter bits and pieces of daily financial decisions here and there (I paid $20 to have someone else wax my eyebrows when I easily could have plucked them for free, that sort of thing).  I also want to include more Kansas City restaurants reviews because it combines two of my favorite pastimes – Kansas City and, well, eating.

I have no reason to hold myself accountable because I’m strangely content with my finances and the direction they are headed.  Lloyd has a smart head on those broad shoulders of his and we have big plans for our finances that are unfolding before our eyes.  Planning and budgeting can do great things for people’s lives.

Although I know that I’ll never be the world’s next big financial writer, I’m excited to refine my writing skills.  Writing is something we’ll all have to deal with at any job (just think of a horribly written e-mail that you’ve seen floating around your office…) and I can’t think of any better way to enhance this skill than through my blog.

So, join me, won’t you?  It’ll be real and it’ll be fun, but I can’t guarantee it’ll be real fun… (Oh boy.)

4 Responses to “The Future Of This Blog”

  1. Forest June 12, 2009 at 11:06 am #

    Congratulations on finding a new direction with your blog! To be honest, it’s diary-style money blogs that I like the most. I know I can get tips from a million different places…but I really like hearing stories. I’m adding you to my reader!

    Have a nice day!

  2. SavingDiva June 12, 2009 at 12:35 pm #

    I love blogging…and I’m a horrible writer! I’m working on it…but it’s not my strength!

    Good luck with the new path!

  3. munchkin June 13, 2009 at 8:55 pm #

    that was really well written!! lol

  4. Bonnie June 18, 2009 at 12:37 pm #

    I like diary-style too!

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