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Let’s Celebrate Like It’s 1983!

28 Aug

I have finally emerged from my cocoon of flashcards, CPA books, notebooks, post-it notes, and CPA exam software and returned to the real world!  On Wednesday, I did nothing but sit in my living room and study.  ALL. DAY. LONG.  From about 9AM to 9PM.  Which inevitably turned into a night of insomnia fits.  I took the 2nd part of the CPA Exam yesterday and let me tell you – it was the hardest 4 hours and 15 minutes of my life thus far.  There were several points during the test where I either 1) was on the verge of tears or 2) laughed out loud.  The latter resulted in many glares at the Prometric testing center.  But alas, I made it through and am now just hoping for a pass when the results are posted on September 21st.

Just think, that was only the 2nd of four tests! I get to start studying for the next one on Tuesday!

Until then, it’s all fun and relaxation!  After all it IS my birthday this weekend!

Here’s what’s going on this weekend:


  • Birthday party with all my friends at a really fun bar.  Can’t wait!


  • Massage
  • Pool!
  • Birthday dinner with Lloyd at one of my favorite restaurants!  Actually, I just love their dessert, I could care less about the main course.  Ha!
  • Maybe comedy club?  Not sure about this because I just found out those place are pricey!


  • Relax more!


  • My actual birthday!  No work on Monday!  Woohoo!
  • SHOPPING!!!!!
  • Birthday presents from Lloyd. 🙂  I wonder what he got me?

Thank you all SO much for your words of encouragement on twitter!  I was so overwhelmed about how many of you actually remembered my test and wished me good luck! 🙂  I think all your good luck vibes really helped!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Got Weekend Plans?

31 Jul

Here’s what’s on tap for me this weekend:

  • Co-worker’s Dinner Party: We hope to at least stop by and make a grand appearance tonight.
  • Lloyd’s Old Roomie’s 30th Birthday Party: Man, his friends are getting old!  He he…
  • CPA Studying Goals: Friday, 1 hour; Saturday 3-5 hours; Sunday 1-2 hours.  Fun!
  • Pool: At least once.  Gotta get my tan on!
  • Gym:My cardio has been suffering because of my cursed knee…so I’m hoping to be able to pick it up a couple times this weekend.
  • The Shining: Lloyd and I are planning to watch The Shining this weekend!

I’m getting The Shining from the library and everything else should be free, too!  Gotta love those inexpensive weekends. 😉

Anyone have anything exciting planned?  Have a great weekend!


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