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Question: Who Makes The Worst Ladies Undergarmets?

31 Aug

Answer: Victoria’s Secret

I am so done with that company.  Their garmets are crap.  Crap I tell you!

They always get me, too.  Everything always fits so lovely in the dressing room and you’re thinking “well, damn, I look pretty good”.

Then you get home and after a couple hours the dumb bra has shifted so much, the girls are half-in-half-out, and the back-clasp is practically a necklace.

Ugh!  So frustrated.  Nine months ago, I SWORE off Vicky!  I marched over to Macy’s and spent some pretty pennies (shout out to My Pretty Pennies, ha ha) on two very, very nice bras.  They have served me VERY well over 9 months and actually are still like new.

But, ohhhh NO.  Victorias’s Secret just HAD to send me a $10 gift card thingy for my birthday.  And there just happened to be a bra in my size in the discount box for $22.  You do the math.  I’ll tell you what it equals.  It equals me sitting here $12 dollars poorer with a bra around my neck.