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The Cost Of A Broken Knee

4 Jul

As I mentioned in my last post, my knee has been bothering me for a couple weeks.  It has been getting worse and worse everyday – it feels quite “inflamed” and really achy.

Seeing that exercise is my favorite outlet, it has been really hard for me to not be able to run or do any type of cardio.  I have been able to do some weight lifting which is helping to keep me sane.

But, I’m starting to get quite worried about the costs that could be associated with my knee.  You see, I have what I like to refer to as “risky health insurance”.  It’s a health “fund” insurance (you can read more about it in another post, here) that allows me to avoid co-pays and prescription costs as long as I keep my health expenses pretty low throughout the year.

This has worked wonderfully until now.  Normally, my only health costs are monthly prescriptions and annual dentist/eye appointments.  However, now that my knee is acting up, I forsee X-rays, MRIs, and maybe even surgery.

All of those thing most definitely do NOT fall under the $1,250 in health “funds” that I am allotted each year.

I have an appointment for my knee in about 10 days and I’m praying that they just tell me it’s a simple case of tendonitis and to rest it for awhile.

If they tell me it’s more serious, I’ll probably have to wait until the first of next year when I can switch to a more reasonable insurance.  Well, either that or fork over tons of money so they can fix up my knee now and I can regain my sanity with exercise.

In just over a week, I’ll have to choose between my two loves: money and staying fit.  Which would you choose?


UPDATE:  I had my Orthopedic appointment about a week ago.  They took X-rays and my bones are just fine.  *jumps for joy*  However, after some further testing, the doctor said that my IT Band is inflammed (common in active people).  My remedy is rest, anti-inflammatories, and stretching.  The stretching seems to be helping quite a bit!  I also got a “knee sleeve” for it for when I work out, which basically prevents inflammation.  Conclusion:  I don’t have to empty my savings for surgery, but I do need to take better care of my knee to prevent having to do that in the future!