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The Night I Left A 155% Tip

26 Sep

I’m think I’m like most people when it comes to tipping, in that, I generally always tip right around 20%.  If I receive truly poor service or rude service, I will definitely lower my tip.  Normal service generally constitutes the 20%.  If I’m having a good day, I might slip a 21% or 22% tip.

Last night, Lloyd and I had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  In fact, we go there so often, that one waitress in the bar recognizes us and even knows what I like to order.

When she came to greet us last night, her eyes were puffy and red and she looked a little sheepish compared to her usually vibrant self.  She apologized for our wait (which was pretty much non-existent) and then apologized again because she was “having a moment”.  I didn’t really grasp what she was saying because she asked us what she could get for us so quickly after that.

After she left, I realized she was having a bad night.  Whether it was an asshole customer, a bad bout of PMS, or a jerk boss, I’ll never know.  But what I do know is that I’m a girl and there is absolutely nothing worse than having a “girl moment” at work.

I’m no stranger to those once-a-month spells when I’m on the verge of tears whenever someone doesn’t smile back at me or when I get a dumb e-mail forward of a dog that adopted a little orphan piglet.  (Did you guys SEE that e-mail?  Geez, get me a tissue.)

I was so impressed that our teary-eyed waitress even tried to make small talk when she checked on us.  Our water glasses were never even half empty before she would come top them off again.  She was having a bad night and her service or attitude didn’t show it at all.  That’s pretty much nearly impossible to pull off when you just bawled your eyes out.

Lloyd and I normally go dutch, so my bill was a paltry $6.48.  She must have really tugged on my heart-strings because I left her a $10.00 tip.  That’s right, I left a 155% tip.

I may live my life on a budget and life below my means, but sometimes it’s better to make someone else’s day than your own.  Turns out, it ends up making your day anyway.  When I left the restaurant I was filled with just a small glimmer of excitement that my little gift of generosity may have made that girl’s night and ended whatever moment she may have been having.