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Bye Bye $10 Drinks; Hello Friday Night In With Pals

27 Oct

Like most post-college 20-somethings, I enjoyed the bar-hopping nightlife scene for a few years after I graduated.  Many young adults coming out of college are single, finally making their own income, and just looking for a good time.

As we grow older and settle down into serious relationships, get married, and even have kids, our preferences for what constitutes a rockin’ Friday night seem to shift.  While a loud, dark club blaring the latest hip hop music was once high on my list of weekend to-do activities, now it seems I would rather snuggle up with my honey, a movie, and a sweet glass of wine on a Friday night.

Enter: adult game night.  Of course I still want to socialize with my friends on the weekends, I just don’t want to do it shouting at the top of my lungs as I get bumped into at the average rate of 2 strangers per minute.

Game night in my group of friends has started to become a regular occurrence over the past couple years.  My friends and I generally rotate houses and each host/hostess will provide an array of appetizers and drinks.  We usually sit around and have a few drinks and chat for about an hour before getting down to business on the board games.

After being out of the board-game scene for a good 10+ years, I completely forgot how much fun they can be.  We all find ourselves doubling over with laughter at some point during the night (alcohol may also be a factor here).

The days of Trouble and CandyLand are long gone in the much-improved board-game industry.  Some of our newer favorites are:

  • Loaded Questions: this game is hilarious.  Each person has to answer a (usually funny-answer-provoking) question and then one person guesses who had what answer.  Towards the end of the game, people start coming up with pretty interesting answers!
  • Apples to Apples: similar to Loaded Questions, but one person picks the answer that they would have answered with.  Also ranks high in the “LOL” category
  • Scattegories: an oldie but a goodie!
  • Scene-It: some of our favorites are “The Office” and the pop culture editions.  I can’t get enough Michael Scott on Thursday nights, so Scene-It is my perfect weekend fix.
  • Poker/Texas Hold ‘Em: you can never go wrong hussling your pals with a good, old-fashioned poker game!

I recently picked up the new “Loaded Questions: On The Go” for a weekend trip that Lloyd and I took with some friends this summer.  It was just as hilarious as the regular version and perfect for long, boring trips in the car!  It also came in a cute little compact case so it was easy to stash in a suitcase or overnight bag.

I know our game night tradition will keep going strong as we get older and as each of our lives continue to change.  What it really comes down to is having a good time with my circle of friends versus a room full of strangers (on the cheap, too!).  Game night is the perfect solution for those of us in our late-twenties that just can’t party like we used to.

Do you have game nights with your friends?  What are your favorite games to play?

Happy Hour At Granfalloon Did Not Win Me Over

11 Mar

Granfallon Bar and Grill Kansas City Country Club Plaza I had yet another work happy hour at the Country Club Plaza last night.  I think I’ve mentioned the Plaza (pronounced “Plahhh-zahh”) in some earlier posts.  It’s a more prestigious area in Kansas City, yet somehow boasts the cheapest happy hours of all.  Tomfooleries happy hour is one of my favs.

Last night, we picked the popular Granfalloon Bar & Grill for the get together (AKA get tipsy and loudly nickname the oddballs in our office.  “Birdwoman” and “Jersey” were a product of last night’s session.).

For starters, our waitress was horrible.  She did not smile once.  Now, I’ve never been a waitress, but I’m pretty sure smiling or acting somewhat friendly are in the job description.

Secondly, the food “special” was a select few of the appetizers for $5.00.  Yes, you read that right.  Note to Granfallon:  That’s a horrible special.

It wasn’t even the full appetizer menu.  The first two appetizers I tried to order weren’t even on the “special”.  I finally decided on “Gator Tators” which is code name for potatoes with their insides scooped out and replaced with melted cheese.  Served with a side of Sour Cream. Continue reading