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Question: Who Makes The Worst Ladies Undergarmets?

31 Aug

Answer: Victoria’s Secret

I am so done with that company.  Their garmets are crap.  Crap I tell you!

They always get me, too.  Everything always fits so lovely in the dressing room and you’re thinking “well, damn, I look pretty good”.

Then you get home and after a couple hours the dumb bra has shifted so much, the girls are half-in-half-out, and the back-clasp is practically a necklace.

Ugh!  So frustrated.  Nine months ago, I SWORE off Vicky!  I marched over to Macy’s and spent some pretty pennies (shout out to My Pretty Pennies, ha ha) on two very, very nice bras.  They have served me VERY well over 9 months and actually are still like new.

But, ohhhh NO.  Victorias’s Secret just HAD to send me a $10 gift card thingy for my birthday.  And there just happened to be a bra in my size in the discount box for $22.  You do the math.  I’ll tell you what it equals.  It equals me sitting here $12 dollars poorer with a bra around my neck.


If It Don’t Fit – DON’T BUY IT!

1 Jul

A couple weeks ago, I was in desperate need of some new running shoes since some jerk broke into my car last winter and stole mine (WTF? Enjoy!) and I’ve been using 3-year old shoes since then.

So, I hit up Nike Outlet (oh how I love you, Nike Outlet).  I found these fab shoes:


Pink?  Check.  Cute?  Check.  Cheap?  Check. ($39.99!) My size?  Ch….eh, wait.

I squeezed my foot into a 6 1/2 even though I’m clearly a 7.  I rationalized to myself that maybe I could just “work them in”.  I had Lloyd push on the end to see where my toe was even though I had them all scrunched up to make room.

So yeah, I bought ’em.

Now my knee is jacked up and I haven’t been able to work out all week.  My poor little foot muscles are tight after being shoved into too small shoes.  And I swear I’ve gain 5 pounds this week.  Damn shoes!

I even had to make an appointment with the doctor because I’m so worried about my knee.

ALL because I HAD to buy cute shoes that were cheap!  Urgh!

This weekend, I’m going to have to go out and buy ANOTHER pair of shoes.

Morale of the story: If you buy cheap shoes that don’t fit, you’ll end up paying double because you’ll just have to buy another pair (and make a doctor’s appointment!).

Shouldn’t I know this by now?

Lucky Magazine Is Apparently Not On The Same Budget As Me

12 Mar

lucky-fashion-magazineSometimes the media is so out of touch with reality…

Case in point: this month’s issue of Lucky Magazine.

Does it ever annoy anyone (other than me) when the fashion mags have features about “deal hunting” and the items they list are not even in the same price range that I would consider budget-friendly?

For instance, this month, Lucky is trying to find “preppy, budget-friendly separates that are perfect for a waterfront weekend.”  (Before I get to their budget-friendly separates, let me reiterate the fact that the only separates I consider perfect for a waterfront weekend are a two-piece and a cold drink.)

Here’s just a little sampling of items they think are “budget-friendly”:

  • cotton henley: $40
    • That’s fine and all, but for those who don’t know, a henley is basically a polo without the collar.  And I saw perfectly acceptable henley’s at Old Navy for $10 about a week ago.  Next. Continue reading