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My 2010 Goals (Not To Be Confused With Resolutions…)

14 Dec

…because resolutions always get broken.  Goals are meant to be attained!

On to my 2010 GOALS:

  • Pass the flippin’ CPA Exam: I have TWO sections left – halfway there! I feel like I spent the majority of 2009 applying, thinking about, worrying about, or studying for the exam.  I’m really aiming to take (and hopefully pass) my last exam in mid-April.  That would mean I would know if I completely passed the exam in mid-May to mid-June (they just love to drag it out).  Fingers crossed!
  • Learn/Use/Implement Quicken Software: This past fall, I bought Quicken 2009 for a really great price.  I’ve wanted to use Quicken for a long time, but I don’t have my own computer to get it all set up on.  I’ve since asked my parents for a laptop for Christmas (if all else fails, ask the ‘rents 😉 ).  When I get my laptop (assuming they take my request seriously), I really want to get Quicken set up and running like a well-oiled machine.  I’ve just grown bored sick of regular old spreadsheets.  I figure if I spend so much time talking/thinking/writing about finance, I might as well have a cool software program to track them!  Plus,that means you guys get to see more of my spending activity. 😉
  • Max out Roth IRA: Self-explanatory.  Take $5,000, put it into a Roth IRA.
  • Reveal myself on my blog: After I pass the exam, I’d like to put more effort into my blogging.  I don’t think I can hide from everyone behind the pen name of Carrie forever.  This also means that I’ll have to get a new domain name…any ideas? 🙂  Look for this advancement no earlier then next late fall or winter, which brings me to…
  • Move blog to self-hosting: I know nothing about self-hosting.  I’m green with envy when it comes to Well-Heeled’s recent jump over to self-hosting.  I’ve assigned Lloyd as Commander-in-Chief of the blog migration, but for some reason he doesn’t seem too pumped about that.  He’ll come around, I’m sure.  Look for this development to start sometime in late summer or early fall.
  • Bathroom Makeover:  Random?  Yes.  However, I’m still stuck in a debt-payoff-spending rut.  I haven’t spent a dime on freshening up my apartment in years.  It’s…depressing.  My current bathroom showcases an interesting color palette (do green, blue, red, maroon, and tan match?), boring wall hangings, and out-of-date towels.  Obviously since I rent, I can’t paint the walls, but I want to change out the decorations and color scheme.  As it is, I already spend way too much time primping in there and think I should at least have a pretty bathroom to show for it!  The transformation will be detailed on my blog…yay for you!  How does this relate to finance?  My goal is to complete the project on the cheap (numbers are still in discussions).
  • Become a Fashionista: Yeah, I’m lame.  I’m obsessed with fashion.  Some of my favorite blogs are fashion blogs (shout out to What I Wore).  I subscribe to People Style & Lucky Mag, yet I know nothing when it comes to putting together an outfit.  My work ensembles are derived from the easiest of formulas:  cute top/sweater, black/gray/tan pants or skirt, brown/black pumps.  Ta-da!  Just today I work a high-neck tank top under a cardigan and was super proud of myself (I failed Layering 101).  How will I achieve this goal?  Not sure yet, but a new blog is a possibility. Achievement in this goal is not exactly something you can measure…like an IRA max-out for instance.  If I don’t branch out into a new blog, would you guys like to see this new venture in my life detailed on this blog?  Let me know!
  • Make a To-Do List every morning: I love lists.  I love to-dos (when they don’t involve studying).  I know I accomplish so much everyday, but sometimes I feel like I have no idea what I did all day.  I also feel unorganized sometimes and think this might help me prioritize my life.
  • Stretch every day: I preach the joys of lifting and running, but when it comes to stretching, that’s a big fat epic fail for me.  Which is just silly because I LOoooove stretching.  I used to be on the dance team in high school and could easily do all 3 splits (yes, there are 3).  I just always seem to forget or  just run out of time at the gym.  I don’t even need to stretch for very long – a couple minutes minimum.

I truly believe I can accomplish all of these goals next year!  Here’s to a successful and prosperous 2010!