The New Gyms In My Life

24 Jun

A couple months ago, The Kansas City Star outted me when they published an article that said I worked part time at a gym.

Well, I did, anyway.  I worked part time at a gym for a couple years and got really spoiled with a free gym membership.  After I started studying for the CPA, my priorities shifted and I barely had time to get in my regular workouts, let alone actually work at the gym.

So, I quit.  Since working out is a big part of my life, I sort of panicked that I wasn’t going to find a gym on the cheap.

The good news is that I found lots!

I already told you about my apartment gym which is really great for cardio since their weights kinda suck.  I also hit up the gym in my office several days a week over lunch to get in some quick lifting sessions (perfect for us busy folks).  They’re both free so I can’t really complain about either of them!

Since then, I’ve found a gem of a gym. 😉  It’s local and it’s huge and it’s got all the weights and cardio equipment I could ever want.  The best part is the cost.

$11.66 per month

Crazy, right?!  The total cost for the entire year was $140 and there wasn’t even a sign up fee!

However, it’s not all good.  A price that low brings in plenty of crazys!  Note to Spandex Dude at gym: even spandex in black isn’t flattering on anyone.

That’s all right though.  For eleven dollars a month, I can deal with a little crazy.

3 Responses to “The New Gyms In My Life”

  1. d June 25, 2009 at 12:37 pm #

    Will you email me the name of the gym? I live in KC and am trying to find a nice gym that’s affordable and not over crowded. Thanks!

  2. Ms. MoneyChat June 25, 2009 at 2:33 pm #

    $12 a month! that’s awesome. and here i am thinking that $25 was a great deal.

    btw … congrats on passing the first part of your exam.


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