And Now I Can’t Sleep…

23 Apr

OMG I had this whole post typed up and deleted it!  GRR!

Yep, I can’t sleep.  I have never had problems sleeping in my life.  I LOVE sleep.  Sleep loves me.  We go well together.

I’m fairly stressed right now – I’m moving in a couple days and I’ve been studying my arse off.  Not a fun combination!  My test was supposed to be tomorrow, but that ain’t gonna happen.  I had to reschedule it because I am so NOT ready.  Which means I had to incur a $35 reschedule fee (on top of the ($250+ plus that I already spent on the test).  I hate it when I have an un-planned dint in my budget. 😦

On top of studying, who freaking knew moving was so expensive and stressful!  I’ve been spending every night throwing things out, piling things up to return to people, packing things, cleaning things, patching that hole that I kicked in my bathroom wall when Lloyd and I were fighting one time….Whoops!

So, I lay down at night and my mind just starts running.  I worry about studying and packing and work.  THEN, after awhile of doing that, I worry about not falling asleep!  Then, I just DON’T fall asleep!

It’s the most frustrating thing ever!  I want to sleep – but can’t!

I can normally fall asleep with the best of them, but this is driving me crazy.  Luckily, AFTER I finally fall asleep, I can sleep. 😀  But I normally wake up once in the middle of the night (which also isn’t normal).  But still, after laying there for awhile, I’m not getting my full night’s sleep and I wake up drained…it sucks.

What’s the deal?  Am I on overload or what?  I’ve never had this problem before! NOT FUN!

4 Responses to “And Now I Can’t Sleep…”

  1. CC April 24, 2009 at 2:00 am #

    That must be tough! To have schedule moving and testing around the same time. I think paying $35 to reschedule was probably a better investment than you think… Good luck on both tasks!


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