Happy Hour At Granfalloon Did Not Win Me Over

11 Mar

Granfallon Bar and Grill Kansas City Country Club Plaza I had yet another work happy hour at the Country Club Plaza last night.  I think I’ve mentioned the Plaza (pronounced “Plahhh-zahh”) in some earlier posts.  It’s a more prestigious area in Kansas City, yet somehow boasts the cheapest happy hours of all.  Tomfooleries happy hour is one of my favs.

Last night, we picked the popular Granfalloon Bar & Grill for the get together (AKA get tipsy and loudly nickname the oddballs in our office.  “Birdwoman” and “Jersey” were a product of last night’s session.).

For starters, our waitress was horrible.  She did not smile once.  Now, I’ve never been a waitress, but I’m pretty sure smiling or acting somewhat friendly are in the job description.

Secondly, the food “special” was a select few of the appetizers for $5.00.  Yes, you read that right.  Note to Granfallon:  That’s a horrible special.

It wasn’t even the full appetizer menu.  The first two appetizers I tried to order weren’t even on the “special”.  I finally decided on “Gator Tators” which is code name for potatoes with their insides scooped out and replaced with melted cheese.  Served with a side of Sour Cream.

I ate the Tators because I was starving but regretted the decision later when those “I’m fat” girl-thoughts filled my head.

As for the drink specials – to a novice happy hour guy or gal, a $1.75 domestic draws special seems pretty good.  What the menu should have said was “2 of our worst beers are $1.75”.  I ended up settling for a couple of Miller Lites.

I generally like to space alcoholic drinks on a week night with a non-alcoholic beverage.  Normally, if you’re drinking at a bar and you order a Diet Coke or something similar, your waiter/ess will just throw it in for free.  Not the Granfalloon.  My Diet Coke was a whopping TWO DOLLARS.  Call me spoiled, but I think it’s really something special when you get that non-alcoholic drink for free.  And I definitely show my appreciation in my tip.

On top of all of that, the crowd was REALLY weird.  I got elevator eyes from every guy and girl at the place when I went to the bathroom.  Normally I don’t mind getting checked out because it means I haven’t let myself go since hooking up with Lloyd.  But the eyes checking me out last night were just the kind that make you feel dirty.  Ick.

I’m kinda bummed about ‘Falloon’s happy hour.  I’ve been to the ‘Falloon for drinks on Friday and Saturday nights in the past and had a lot of fun there.  Not so much at the happy hour.

Here’s my ticket:

– Gator Tators $5.00

– 2 Miller Lites $3.50

– 1 Diet Coke $2.00

– 1 Captain & Diet Coke $5.50

After a $3 tip, everything came out to about $20.  I can normally get out of other plaza happy hours for around $10 or $12 total.

Overall, the price was too high for what I got.  I don’t think we’ll be revisiting the Granfallon for happy hour anytime soon.

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2 Responses to “Happy Hour At Granfalloon Did Not Win Me Over”

  1. plazabuzz March 11, 2009 at 5:45 pm #

    Hey hey… tweeted this post out to all the Twitter followers of The PlazaBUZZ, http://twitter.com/plazabuzz



    • carrieonthecheap March 11, 2009 at 8:24 pm #

      Awesome! Thanks so much for tweeting me! I like your blog – I added you to my blogroll!!

      I’ll try to remember to let you know next time I write up my thoughts on a plaza happy hour. I frequent those happy hours probably more than I should. 🙂

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